2012 – 07: Montgomery

Every time I go to my grandparents house in Montgomery, Alabama, we go to the zoo. We have been doing this ever since I was about 1 year old. Now, it’s kind of a tradition. But this time it was different. Normally, we just go for an hour or so to see the animals, but on this occasion I was actually capable of taking some decent pictures of the animals. Even though it was very hot and there were mosquitos everywhere, we spent enough time walking around for me to test my photographic skills! Here are some of my best photos:

Montgomery Zoo-1.jpgMontgomery Zoo-10.jpgMontgomery Zoo-11.jpgMontgomery Zoo-12.jpgMontgomery Zoo-13.jpgMontgomery Zoo-14.jpgMontgomery Zoo-15.jpgMontgomery Zoo-2.jpgMontgomery Zoo-3.jpgMontgomery Zoo-4.jpgMontgomery Zoo-5.jpgMontgomery Zoo-6.jpgMontgomery Zoo-7.jpgMontgomery Zoo-8.jpgMontgomery Zoo-9.jpg