2013 – 04: Charleston and Kiawah

For Spring Break, my parents and I went to Charleston and Kiawah, South Carolina. In Charleston, we ran from shelter to shelter to escape the rain until my mom came up with the brilliant plan to go on a three hour garden tour. It was cold, dark, and wet; my dad and I left my mom to enjoy herself. When my mom returned, she bragged about having seen Steven Colbert’s childhood home without us. However, in Kiawah, we were lucky with the weather. We went fishing, kayaking, and biking both on roads and on the beach. We enjoyed a beautiful sunset over the marsh on our last evening. It was a wonderful trip!

I was sorry to have not taken many pictures of Charleston because of the rain, but I did manage to take picture both in Kiwah and at Middleton Place, a garden that we stopped at on the drive back to Atlanta. Here are my pictures:


2013-04 Charleston Spring Break-1060750.jpg2013-04 Charleston Spring Break-1060756.jpg2013-04 Charleston Spring Break-1060763.jpg2013-04 Charleston Spring Break-1060770.jpg2013-04 Charleston Spring Break-1060778.jpg2013-04 Charleston Spring Break-1060780.jpg2013-04 Charleston Spring Break-1060807.jpg2013-04 Charleston Spring Break-1060811.jpg2013-04 Charleston Spring Break-1060827.jpg2013-04 Charleston Spring Break-1060861.jpg2013-04 Charleston Spring Break-1060865.jpgc16-IMG_1959.jpgc24-IMG_2033.jpgc33-IMG_1974.jpgc38-IMG_2015.jpgc85-IMG_1973.jpgc91-IMG_2039.jpgIMG_2058.jpg